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 At Wellgate Primary School, we pride ourselves on what we offer the children on a daily basis. If you would like to know more about our curriculum and what is happening at Wellgate Primary School, please click on the heading links below.

Curriculum Vision: this document highlights what is at the heart of our curriculum at Wellgate Primary School.

British Values: this document shows how British Values are promoted at our school.

In June 2014, David Cameron emphasised the important role that British Values can play in education. Further, how well a school promotes such values is an aspect of Ofsted’s inspection process.  Although this is something which is developing in its significance for schools, it is not something new at Wellgate Primary.

Curriculum Overviewthis document shows how the foundation subject objectives and science areas have been distributed across the school.  The objectives are taken directly from the National Curriculum 2014. Teachers take these objectives and use them in their short term planning. Sometimes, an objective might be covered in more than one year group-if this is the case, the teaching and learning is differentiated accordingly.

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Design and Technology


Design and Technology

Wellgate Primary School Long Term Planthis document shows the teaching and learning which takes place in each year group over the academic year. Each year group, has a geography, history and science focus over the year (please note, elements all three will still be taught each term even if it is not the main focus).

Long Term Planning

EYFS Cycle A
EYFS Cycle B
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4
Year 5
Year 6

Each year group, completes a long term plan for the year. This indicates how the learning will be broken down into the subject areas in its simplest forms. From this, teachers create a medium term plan which is more detailed. They then create short term planning which has the objectives from the National Curriculum 2014. The short term planning also includes: the teaching and learning which will take place, the activity that the children will complete, computing links, the resources which will be needed for a lesson and a section where teachers can assess the teaching and learning that has taken place.

 Clubs outside of the school day: this document shows some of the clubs which we run at Wellgate Primary School outside of set learning hours (8:40-12:00 and 1:00-3:20). We realise that we have a wealth of children with different strengths, needs and abilities and these clubs give the children chance to learn new things, excel in areas and spend time with adults around school that they might not normally have the chance to do.

New Curriculum

Please follow the link below if you would like to know more about the Primary Curriculum.







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