End of Year Round Up for FS2KC

It has been a very busy year with lots of learning happening in every corner of our environment.

We began the year by thinking about ‘Everyday Heroes’ and made visits around school and had visitors to see us.

We had a hospital role play where we learnt about our bodies and how to take care of them.

We learnt about space travel and watched Tim Peake last off into Space.

We celebrated Christmas with concerts and parties and were really pleased that Santa could visit.

We really enjoyed our fairy tale topic with an enchanted castle to explore our ideas in.

We have had our own shop where we learnt about money and began using our reading skills to read the signs.


We celebrated Chinese New Year by making our own stir fry, trying to use chopsticks, Chinese dancing and dressing up.


We dressed up for Children in Need Day and World Book Day.

We also decorated Easter eggs.

We learnt lots about saving the world and how to recycle which we shared in our assembly.

We have enjoyed a variety of stories and done lots of work related to them. We have created artwork, used the computer, written stories and themed our maths around them.

One of our favourite stories was The Tiger who came to Tea.

One of our best topics has been Creepy Crawlies.

Our School trip was to the Old Moor Nature reserve where we found lots of different bugs.

We have also found bugs and learnt about wild animals, farm animals and dinosaurs in our own outdoor area.

Our role play area was a Bug Laboratory and we learnt a lot about the characteristics of different bugs.

We loved the Superworm story. We made our own Superworms and used them for measuring.

In the classroom we have enjoyed using sand.

We have made our own boats to sail on the water.

We have used the play dough to create all kinds of fantastic things related to our topic work.

We love to build!

We create great works of art!







Outside we can do everything the same but on a much bigger scale.

We can build.

We can explore the water – whatever the weather.

We can make dinner for our friends.

We can make fantastic mud food!

We like windy days!

Over the year we have developed lots of skills which we are beginning to use.

We can read and write.

We have done lots of maths activities.

 We can use technology.

We have also learnt about plants.

To round off the year we are using water as our theme for our topic work. We have really enjoyed being pirates.

We brought the year to a close by having a Pirate Day.

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