A short explanation of what the numbers mean:

Scaled scores:

In Reading and Maths pupils sit a test which provides a scaled score from 80 to 120.  100 is the expected standard.

Writing is not a test but assessed by the teacher.  EXS means the expected standard in Writing.

Combined refers to those pupils who achieved at least 100 in Maths and Reading and EXS or GDS (Greater Depth) in Writing.

110 is classed as a high score in Reading and Maths and Greater Depth is the equivalent in Writing.


Each pupil’s progress is measured by comparing their KS2 scores to pupils with similar KS1 scores from 4 years ago.  National average progress scores are 0 and approximately range from -10 to 10.

The 2016 floor standard is -5 for Reading and Maths and -7 for Writing.

More information from the DfE can be found here.


Our progress scores are in line with national data and are not considered to be significantly different from national progress scores.

With the national changes to assessment, this year’s results can not be compared to previous year’s performance.  In previous years, a level 4 was considered to be the expected standard but it is recognised that the expected standard has risen.

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Key Stage 2 Results 2016


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