Super Science Day 2018

On Wednesday 7th March, the children of Wellgate had a Science-tastic day exploring and investigating. There were experiments galore across the year groups.

Take a look at the photos below to see what happened on the 2018 Wellgate Science Day .

“It’s gone gloopy, it’s not like powder anymore.” – FS1

“I like it when I put the liquid in. At first the stuff was all on the top, but when I shook it up it went all fizzy. Some stuff sunk to the bottom. Some stuff was light. Some stuff was heavy.” – FS2


“We learnt that the ink was made from different colours.” – 1JG


“I enjoyed when we put the paper in the water and it opened up.” – 1KE


“My favourite part of the day was watching the Boffin” – 2PN


“I loved making clouds. I felt like a scientist.”  – 2AR


“It was funny rubbing the balloons on our heads and watching our hair stick up.” – 3CR


“I loved making a lava lamp, it was different.” – 3BS


“I enjoyed everything today, thanks to all the staff and the Science Guy for this day. It was fantastic!” – 4MH


“I loved all of it, there was so much to do.” – 4AMC


“I liked the texture of the snot we made!” – 5RO/5SR


 “I enjoyed attaching the gliders together to make a really big one.” – 5CH


“I liked trying to get the balloon to curve the water because it was challenging.” – 6AW

“I like learning about the circular motion because the water never came out.” – 6AW


 “It was really fun swinging the bucket around with the balls in it with Miss Elliot!” – 6KE


hallie - March 27, 2018 - 3:35 pm

i loved scince day and all the experiments:]

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